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Health Insurance changes are in the news on a daily basis now.  Erica has taken numerous classes on the impact that ACA will have on your insurance choices and is here to assist you in finding the right plan. 


Due to this ever changing environment, please call us or stop in to discuss what health insurance needs you and your family will have and we can find the right plan and company to allow you the best coverage for your budget. 


The reason you need health insurance may not be so much for the occasional doctor's visit or prescription drug for a minor illness. You may be able to fit those expenses into your budget.  

The most important reason you need health insurance is to protect your family's finances if you're in a serious accident or are diagnosed with a serious disease. In these cases, the needed surgeries, treatments, medications and visits to specialists can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Having health insurance is smart
Having health insurance is actually much more economical in the long run than to run the risk of major damage to your family's finances. What's more, with health insurance, you'll be more likely to get routine care, including preventive care, when you need it, which helps you stay healthy – and saves money in the long run.


Health insurance can be more affordable than you think
Even with the horror stories we are hearing about the new changes to health insurance, there are many ways you can make health insurance fit your budget. For example, you might wish to consider a higher deductible in exchange for a lower monthly premium. 


Contact Erica at Boll-Feltes Insurance to find out what policies are available to fit your individual needs.  We can provide both under the age 65 medical and dental quotes and over the age 65 Medicare Supplement Insurance, Medicare Advantage Plans, and Prescription Drug Coverage.


Disclaimer:  Erica Boll-Feltes is not connected with the Federal Medicare Program or the Federal on-exchange health program.

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